Friday, 4 June 2010

Charles X, King of France (1757 - 1836)

"Gabrielle de Polignac and His Highness are socialites par excellence. Which means, they know people and they know how to manipulate them. The breadth of support for the prince’s conservatism proves that - and I say that as someone who has as much reason to hate them as you do. Believe me. But, their influence over the Queen and high society is crucial. Their hostility to any kind of political enthusiasm is well-known. To them, it’s vulgar. That’s what makes them such reliable allies, at least for now; you could never persuade them that any work of political philosophy is much different in essence to the works of the Marquis de Sade."
- The Audacity of Ideas by Gareth Russell, Act I, Scene III

Having played King Charles three times on stage, I was pleased to read The Mad Monarchist's sympathetic profile of him - which you can read here.

For a profile of my play The Audacity of Ideas, Tea at Trianon very kindly posted this lovely assessment.

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  1. Your play sounded fascinating. I would love to see it performed. I quite like Charles X, despite his being less than a thunderous success.


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