Sunday, 9 June 2013

My first novel

Very excited to say that my first novel Popular is now available for Kindle for the amazing price of either $1.55 or £0.99 (excluding VAT, which is £1.02 with VAT) on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Every sale is hugely appreciated and I hope readers of this blog will enjoy the books. The novels are comedy-dramas set in my home city of Belfast and I've been blessed with some amazing reviews. If you're debating if this is a book for you, here are some comments on it: -

Claire Ridgway, author of The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown, wrote, "It’s fun and it’s by a great writer... If you want to be reminded of the angst and madness of your school days, if you love Marie Antoinette, Anne Boleyn and Scarlett O’Hara, and you appreciate good modern fiction, then I’d recommend Popular." And called it, "A wonderful debut novel." The novelist Elena Maria Vidal, author of The Night's Dark Shade, wrote very kindly, that Popular was a "scathingly witty and humorous romp ... Popular reminded me of such works of Oscar Wilde as The Importance of Being Earnest for its sheer entertainment quality and unapologetic aristocratic flair." It was Ulster Tatler's book selection of the month and the magazine called it an "expertly crafted novel". Katy Moran, author of Bloodline Rising, wrote in her review that Popular was "an extremely funny book" and the novel has been profiled in The Sunday Times and on the BBC.

American readers can take advantage of the new Kindle purchase price by clicking HERE. And British and European readers can buy here.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you to everyone for their support.

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