Saturday 4 June 2011

Review of the new "Queen Elizabeth"

After travelling on her for a five day European cruise, the blog Tips for travellers reviews the new 92,000-tonne Cunard vessel Queen Elizabeth (above.) For ocean liner enthusiasts, the ship is the successor to the famous Queen Elizabeth 2, which was retired in 2008 and which was herself the successor to the original Queen Elizabeth, which was launched in 1938. With the maiden voyage of the new Queen Elizabeth, Cunard is once again operating three major luxury liners, along with her sister-ship Queen Victoria and the company's flagship, Queen Mary 2. This is the first time Cunard has run this service since the early 1930s, when they operated a transatlantic service with the 52,000-ton Berengaria, the speed queen Mauretania and the slightly larger Aquitania, nicknamed "the Ship Beautiful." When the former two liners were retired due to the Great Depression, they were replaced by a single vessel, the original Queen Mary, which served for thirty years and which is today a floating hotel in Long Beach, California.

You can access Tips for travellers full review here, along with some videos and photographs of the new ship. To quote: -
"I had also read very mixed reviews about the Queen Elizabeth, mostly related to the food and the service. It is always exciting though to go on a new ship, and of course even more so when one of the famous Cunard ones. In the end, we loved the ship. It has great looking decor, very stylish and very Cunard. The service was outstanding across all areas of the ship. The food we had in Queens Grill was amazing ... As mentioned, the design and look of the ship is very classy. It has an art deco feel, and is classy and rich looking. It is done with style." 

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