Thursday 6 December 2012

New book; new website

"Sharp, hilarious and always right on the money." - Carly Bennett

"Hilarious, clever and very naughty, just like its author." - Emerald Fennell, author of Shiverton Hall

"Packed with wicked humour, glamorous characters and razor sharp dialogue." - ULSTER TATLER

By far and away the most important piece of news in Belfast this week, obvs... #awkward.

I am very excited to say that my new novel, The Immaculate Deception, is now available in paperback and Kindle in the UK, Ireland and the US. Its prequel, Popular, is also available, with a brand new cover and blurb.

The Immaculate Deception picks up three days after Popular ended and it follows six months in the lives of Meredith, Cameron, Imogen, Kerry and their friends. It's been published by MadeGlobal, who have also included a tongue-in-cheek guide to Belfast slang and humour at the back of each book - written by yours truly. They've also designed an amazing new website, which I love, promoting the books and letting people know where to order them and what's going on with the franchise.

I hope readers of the blog, if they can, will enjoy Popular and The Immaculate Deception. They're a labour of love and I have a fantastic time writing them.

The new website is

Readers from the UK and Ireland can get the Kindle version of The Immaculate Deception here and the paperback, here.

Readers from the United States, can get Popular in paperback or Kindle, and The Immaculate Deception in paperback or kindle

Happy reading and thanks to everyone for the messages of support!


  1. I'm sorry...I mean no disrespect, but is your title meant to be a mockery of the Immaculate Conception? My son loves reading your works and it broke his heart seeing what he thought was a mockery of Our Lady. Please tell me he is wrong?

  2. Yes, he is very wrong, since the book is not about the Virgin Mary or religion. The title is obviously a play on the phrase "the Immaculate Conception," but the dogma nor the doctrine is never mentioned in a book that is about teenagers in modern-day Belfast. I am from Ireland and good-natured jokes about religion are, in any case, part of our culture - they are not intended to, nor are they, in any way supposed to detract from the actual religion itself. In fact, I would say that they show the affection and importance we attach to religion, because it is important and relevant enough in our lives and culture that people are able to joke about it and to know that people will understand those jokes. Choosing the title of "The Immaculate Deception" was obviously part of that culture - we are familiar enough with the phrase "the immaculate conception" to know that a funny joke was being made about the lead characters' ability to lie by using a phrase that most people in Ireland are familiar with in another context. The joke is about the characters; not the Virgin Mary.


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