Saturday 20 November 2010

More on the late Duchess of Wellington

Firstly, an apology for there being no posts on this blog since the genealogy of the House of Normandy and, before that, a biographical sketch of Matilda of Boulogne, as part of the Queens of England series. I have been on a working holiday to the States, working in New York on things related to Popular and also visiting New Haven/Yale, where some of my very best and most wonderful friends live and study. I've had a fantastic time and the return to the reality of academic work in Belfast is one which I'm not exactly jumping at the prospect of!

I recently reported the news that Diana, Duchess of Wellington had passed away, at home, on November 1st. The Daily Telegraph is now carrying the full obituary of the Duchess's fascinating life.

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  1. Try and have some fun on your working vacation! New York is wonderful!


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