Sunday 24 July 2011

The King leads Norway's mourning

His Majesty King Harald V has lead mourners at the Lutheran Mass celebrated in Oslo Cathedral to mark the tragic deaths of ninety-seven Norwegians, in twin terror attacks carried out yesterday by a Christian fundamentalist, Anders Behring Breivik (32). The service was also attended by the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, whose political party was allegedly one of the main targets of the attacks.

Under questioning by Oslo police, Breivik, whose political views are described as far to the right, claimed that his decision to open fire on the island summer scheme youth gathering of Norway's largest left-wing group, the ruling Labour Party, was "cruel but necessary." He also claimed to have been planning to carry out the atrocity since at least 2009.

Many foreign leaders, including the Pope, the Prime Minister of Israel, the President of the United States and many others, have personally communicated with the King of Norway to express their shock and horror at these awful and horrifying events. From London, Her Majesty The Queen expressed her grief at the attacks by publicly writing to King Harald, saying, "I am deeply saddened and shocked by the tragic loss of life of so many people on the island of Utoeya and in Oslo. Prince Philip joins me in extending our heartfelt sympathy to Your Majesty and the people of Norway. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this dreadful atrocity."

Yahoo News has more.


  1. I often think that heads of state are a bit of a financial burden on the tax payers, for no huge benefit to the community. What do they do other than open Olympic Games, receive new ambassadors and kiss babies?

    But occasionally someone has to rise about politics and speak for the entire nation. It was absolutely appropriate that His Majesty King Harald V led mourners in Oslo Cathedral and across the nation.

    Even so, I don't know how a nation gets past an horrific massacre of its citizens. We Australians still can't get the courage to visit Port Arthur in Tasmania, even though the massacre was back in 1996. It changes a society :(

  2. What an appalling and bizarre incident!


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