Thursday 23 September 2010

Trailer for "The King's Speech" released

And it certainly doesn't disappoint!

"I intend to be a very good queen - to a very great king."

The new movie The King's Speech has had its trailer released online - and you can watch it, here.

The movie follows the political career of the Queen's father, the late King George VI (Colin Firth), as he struggles to overcome his crippling speech impediment with the help of his wife, the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (Helena Bonham Carter) and an Australian speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush), in the wake of his unexpected succession to the throne and the British Empire's coming struggle with Nazi Germany. Timothy Spall co-stars as Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Michael Gambon appears as King George V.

George VI was one of this country's most underrated sovereigns and the courage, honesty and fundamental decency with which he lived his life is, I think, admirable and heroic in a way which so many people overlook. It's the dignity of the quiet struggle to better himself and live up to his duty, which I think is truly inspiring. Sympathetic and moving, The King's Speech is already generating an Oscar buzz for all three of its leads and I can't wait to see it.


  1. What an extraordinarily talented cast. If I had to select the best actors in Britain and Australia, I think this film has them.

    George VI seemed such a moral man, so I have just one question. Does the film include the rather nasty Edward VIII and his rather nasty fiancee and then wife? I know they had a fabulous time touring touring Nazi Germany in 1937, but that was after the abdication.

  2. Oh my gosh, this will be a great movie. It has humor, heart, and I don't know what happened to Colin Firth's voice (I'm assuming that's based on how the real King George VI sounded), but the acting looks superb.

    Now I know what I'm doing Thanksgiving weekend. :)

  3. This looks very good! I can't wait to see it (I don't know when it will come to my country though).

  4. Hels, Edward VIII is indeed in the movie and he is played by Guy Pearce; Wallis Simpson is played by Eve Best.

  5. Thanks, Jessie - I was unaware that Mrs. Simpson was being portrayed in "The King's Speech," at all. I hear that Gillian Anderson's portrayal of her in "Any Human Heart," the 4 part adaptation of William Boyd's novel, due out in the UK in November, is supposed to be superb.

  6. Thanks for posting this!
    I was never one to be all gaga about the Queen Mum, but now I'm choking at the bit to see this movie! I'm especially looking forward to Rush' performance.


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