Thursday 1 July 2010

Anne Boleyn: A Talent for Obsession

Claire at The Anne Boleyn Files runs a very interesting article, based on the recent opinion piece by British playwright, Howard Brenton, discussing Anne Boleyn's curious ability to inspire obsession in people, even five hundred years after her terrible death.

"Today there is a fast-growing Anne Boleyn cult. She appeals both to adolescents and to ageing romantics. Her story has a Wagnerian intensity of love, death and betrayal, shot through with a very un-Wagnerian sense of reckless fun, of daring sexiness. But there is a deeper reason for the growing obsession with her. The flowers acknowledge an unease; we love her story but feel guilty toward her. I think I've understood why and it's made me a paid-up cult member."


  1. Oh how right you are, Mr. Brenton.

  2. The Anne Boleyn Files is my most favorite Anne Boleyn site. I highly recommend to other readers checking out her entire page. LOTS of good stuff there!

    I love your Tudors based posts, BTW. :)


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