Thursday 29 July 2010

Ritual Shaming of the North Korean Football Team

As if any more proof was needed, the sheer horror of living in a Communist country is shown by this news story, in which the North Korean football team was subjected to a 6-hour long public shaming by the regime as punishment for their failure in the recent World Cup.

The story is reported here.


  1. I am so glad that you highlighted human rights abuses in North Korea. When the Kim dynasty is over, there will be those, perhaps, who will claim that they had no idea that hell existed on earth well into the 21st century.

    It sickens me when all we hear about North Korea is the nuclear missiles, nary a word about the concentration camps, the forced abortions at nine months' gestation, and, of course, planned famines. The regime is not evil because it arms, it arms because it is evil.

    North Korea is often presented as a comedy with their ridiculous leaders being the moral equivalents of the Groucho Marx's character (Rufus T. Firefly) in "Duck Soup". In truth, the Kim trinity are the spiritual heirs of Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

    Jimmy Carter, whom I otherwise admire, does wrong in visiting that hell-hole without raising his voice on behalf of the victims. But that's the price of admission. Kudos for noticing the horror!. John.

  2. What a load of Bullshit, you are a dupe for Yank propaganda. North Korea is no worse than western countries and I would much rather be in a jail in North Korea than in an Israeli or American Gulag. You know nothing about the country. The west doesn't control the N Korea, that's its crime, hence the constant bullshit propaganda. Turn the cnn off dude and open your eyes!
    D Vapid


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