Wednesday 26 May 2010

An Interview with the fabulous Laura Schwartz, author of "Eat, Drink and Succeed"

Below is an interview on American television with my wonderful, fabulous friend, Laura Schwartz, author of the new book "Eat, Drink and Succeed," which is a phenomenal book based on Laura's incredibly popular series of lectures about the importance of social networking - the does and the don'ts - and it bears out Laura's brilliant personal maxim that whilst a job is 9-5, a career is 24/7.

Laura and I first met when she was speaking at the Oxford Union and visiting the area for the first time. I offered to give her family a tour of the city and I'm pleased to say we all hit it off and have been friends ever since. A fantastic weekend with some fantastic people!

Apart from being incredibly fun and a very dear friend, who has been incredibly supportive about my own book, "Popular," which is due for release in the UK in February 2011, Laura is also intelligent, gracious and unbelievably good at what she does. This blog's American readers may recognise her from her articles which have appeared in the likes of the New York Times and USA Today, or her appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, Larry King, the CBS Early Show and the Lehrer News Hour. International readers may have seen her on BBC World News, Newsnight, GM:TV and Al Jazeera's Frost over the World, with Sir David Frost. Today, Laura is an author, a media personality and the creator of the events, media, political and message consultancy firm, White House Strategies, which is based in Chicago. She is also the veteran of three presidential campaigns in the US and she was the Midwest Press Secretary, then White House Director of Television and finally White House Director of Events and Special Assistant to the President of the United States, during the Clinton Administration. Check this interview out and there's a link below for those of you who are interested in Laura's amazing book, which I'll be reviewing on this blog in more depth very soon - but consider it a firm recommendation!

You can order "Eat, Drink and Succeed" from, here.

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