Sunday 1 May 2011

The Comeback of Calling Cards

Thanks to Elena Maria Vidal for this excellent series of links on the come back of calling cards. I'm currently looking for engravers in London or Dublin to get mine done, along with a set of business cards. So if anyone knows of any they would recommend, do let me know. Business cards are a great idea in the modern age and Laura Schwartz's book Eat, Drink and Succeed has a fantastic section on how to personalise them and make the most of their potential through modern networking and social events. If you're wondering how to capitalise on business cards, both in terms of aesthetics and impact, check Eat, Drink and Succeed out.

However, I'm also a big fan of calling cards for more personal or social situations and I'm looking into have a batch done either with Smythson's in London or, potentially, with Dempsey and Carroll in the United States. Although I'm sure I must be able to find one closer to home!

"And a personalized card acts as a quiet rebuttal to the white noise jabber-jawing of Twitter and Facebook. A rectangular symbol of restraint, the well-conceived card provides its recipient with just enough information."

For Elena Maria's post on calling cards, click HERE.


  1. Thank you very much for the link, Gareth. I think that anything that brings a human touch to the internet age can contribute to civility.

  2. About time someone said it - white noise jabber-jawing of Twitter and Facebook indeed!

    My card is on high quality paper and is beautifully printed with image and text. I like to think of it as a very civilised, personalised touch :)

  3. This is excellent news. So rare now to pay or receive an unexpected visit from someone, but it speaks volumes for the personal value you place on a person to make the effort to actually go and see them rather than just flip a text or email at them.


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